Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New Resolutions

Wow, got sick, got behind on blogging and school, and then let the blog be a bit too quiet over here. Anyway, I'm trying to post once a week on Fridays so from now on, check for check ins from me once a week :P Now, a look at my resolutions

Resolutions are hard as hell to keep. I've never come close to matching up to my list of what I hope to do. However, I think it's always good to strive for goals and to let them guide you. I also went to the #RWChat session yesterday about how to set SMART goals that are actually more obtainable.

I tend to overreach and want to do too much. I already am a grad student who ghostwrites in her spare time to help keep up an income. Writing under this pen name is my main goal and getting consist titles out is very important to me. I feel guilty due to the fact of some life events that Fanged Fairy Tales and Vegas Shifters got delayed premiering as titles until this year. However, I'm trying to regroup and be positive.

Midnight and I are planning out Sapphic Alliance Fiction's year in the coming weeks, and in addition to an exciting premiere tomorrow, we also will be bringing out Fanged Fairy Tales, Vegas Shifters, Lavender Dusk and some other surprises. We just are working on the right rhythm for our busy grad student lives, ghosting lives, and just general life to release that won't make us crazy or fall behind.

I think my big goal is to make sure I premiere Fanged Fairy Tales and Vegas Shifters this winter and that I work to at least release four fresh things this year besides the book already coming out tomorrow in the boxset, Sirens and Scales.

I would say I have other things, but my biggest goal is to work to build the SAF backlist and to get the series I've been thinking about for the better part of the year up and running for fans.

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