Monday, October 23, 2017

Updates from Sapphic Alliance Fiction and Personal Updates


Well October did not pan out as I had hoped. I had a car accident, which was a big set back both for my ability to type for about ten days and also my timing for blogs and for writing. I'm feeling better this week, and I am going to finish up for the next eight days with the last of the 31 Days of October. I'll have a review of 1922 up later today.

Starting this week, I'll also be reviewing Legends of Tomorrow and Shannara on Thursdays (I'll start with current eps from this week on). I did watch Riverdale so far but there wasn't enough of the new character to make recapping worth my time yet. Additionally, I'm trying my best to get back on track for Vegas Shifters #1: A Life Unchosen out by early November, and I apologize for the car accident delaying things.

However, to tide you over, I do have a few things from over at Sapphic Alliance Fiction. My girlfriend, Midnight Voss, has a book review and a listicle and my co-writer, Cassie Nova, also has a listicle. The movies in both lists have happy endings, fyi, and no one dies at the end.

3 Movies with Musical Gayness to Watch with Your Girlfriend by Midnight Voss

Juliet Takes a Breath by Midnight Voss

Spoiler Alert: She Doesn't Die by Cassie Nova

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