Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Houses October Built (2014): A Bland, Forgettable Found Footage Film

Tonight's film is The Houses October Built currently on Netflix, of course. Seems like a fitting pick as its sequel is currently out on demand.

Plot:  A group of friends and haunt enthusiasts are stalked by a mysterious group with sinister intentions and, eventually, a haunted attraction turns all too real.

The Good

-basically, I like the atmosphere of seeing each new haunted house. If this were literally a documentary about the types of haunted attractions with less shaky cam, then it would be interesting

The Bad

-pretty much everything else - there's no semblance of a real plot

-the first 2/3 of the film feel like an excuse to show off haunts but not to actually do any story telling or setting up characters, such as they are

-the half-hearted attempt at the end to inject danger and threat to the leads in the story. By the time the bad guys really make their move, you no longer care.

-again it drags badly. I've had to sit through it three times to stay awake through the whole thing.

The Verdict - F --> It squanders a great premise by being more travelogue than film. If you want a far superior take on the same idea, check out Hell House, LLC via Amazon Prime.

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