Monday, October 2, 2017

Creep (2014): An Uneven Yet Disturbing Found Footage Gem

My thirty-one days of horror movie watching continues with Patrick Brice's Creep.

 The Plot: Down on his luck videographer, Aaron, answers a Craigslist ad that leads him to a remote cabin and a client who is far from what he seems.

The Good:

-Mark Duplass  = his performance is understated throughout. He isn't your typical serial killer with teh dramatic moments and (mainly) the axe wielding. He doesn't have Patrick Bateman's screaming fits or Freddy's one-liners. His quiet, unnerving oddities slowly add up to something very wrong, and I think Duplass does a good job of holding back and letting the creepiness seep in on its own.

-The setting = the bulk of the story takes place at a remote cabin, which adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere and the steady reveal of everything is wrong.

-The gifts =  without saying too much, Josef (our creep) sends Aaron a care package that is disturbing albeit not gross or something out of Se7en. Again, it's the little oddities and too-far overtures that seem more realistic and reminiscent of actual stalking and that make our skin crawl.

The Bad:

-the pacing - it's uneven. It works the best in the first two acts that take place in the cabin or out in the woods. It falters in the final act a bit.

-Aaron the videographer - as a character he might suffer from what TV Tropes calls "too dumb to live." It is mostlyunderstandable in context of the film, but it still feels frustrating when he makes such terrible and obviously dangerous decisions.

-found footage = I love the genre but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. If shaky camera or that general set up frustrates you, then this might not be the movie for you. I've found that if someone is not just a fan of shaky cam/found footage style, nothing is ever going to make that happen.

No, not bad werewolf makeup...Josef just likes costumes

The Verdict - This is a B-. The performance from Duplass is great and I'm excited for the sequel coming out this month, but the pacing is just a bit too uneven to give it a higher grade.

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