Monday, October 23, 2017

1922 (2017): A Horror Movie that Drags Down Your Very Soul

After my car accident and recovery, I still want to finish horror movies on netflix reviews. This weekend, I watched the other Netflix adaptation of a Stephen King work, 1922. My thoughts are below.

The Plot: A dying man stumbles into a hotel in an unnamed Midwestern city to write his confession about murdering his wife and the tragedy that followed after.

The Good:

-The source material is so bleak it might have been a Bachman book back in the day. The horror there, much like with Stephen King's The Mist is all the more chilling because it's primarily rooted in the horror we do to each other.

-The cast overall is good. I'm biased because Neal McDonough has always been enjoyable on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. However, Molly Parker as the doomed Arlette James and Dylan Schmid as the son suckered into murder by his conninving father is equally excellent.

-The special effects. There aren't many FX shots but those that appear as well as the makeup effects are scary and haunting.

-The setting. The bleak atmosphere of 1920s Nebraska during a harsh winter serve as the depressing backdrop for this tale and add to the overall tone of the piece.

The Bad

-It's depressing. If you're looking for jolts and scares, a traditional monster film then 1922 is not for you. I knew that going in, as I'd read the novella before, but you definitely have to be in the mood for such a dark, morose tale.

-Thomas Jane - I normally like him and he's the best part of The Mist film adaptation. However, he decided to do some bizarre mumbling dialect that just didn't work. Not only was it ridiculous but it was hard to understand his dialogue at all, which was overwhelmingly distracting.

The Verdict - B. I'd have given it a higher score, but Jane's performance really distracts from the overall story. If you're in the mood for the bleakest horror of what man can do to himself and his loved ones and also anxious for a claustrophobic tale not unlike The Tell-Tale Heart, this is the movie for you.

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  1. Saw it but did't found it that scary.. somewhat I found it a bit funny with all the horror scenes..



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