Saturday, September 30, 2017

Scheduling notes for October

Trying a few new things for the blog. In November, I'll be trying to do a bit of daily check in on how my Nanowrimo rebel attempt is going as well as, hopefully, be bringing more book reviews of lesfic books from small presses or big publishers I've liked (sorry, unless I organically like it in my reading, I just don't review other indie lesfic authors). However, since October is my favorite month because, let's face it, Halloween is by far the best holiday, I've decided to challenge myself.

So in October, I'll be doing 31 Days of Netflix Halloween, where I anaylze 31 horror movies available to stream in October for the horror movie fan in all of us. I'll start tomorrow night with a look at the new release of Gerald's Game and have a new, short review of a different movie for each day in October.

Gerald's Game

Additionally, I'll be doing a weekly round up of the shows I'll be currently following with some of my favorite queer women characters. I'll be having a weekly round up on Thursdays about Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale, and The Chronicles of Shannara starting the second week of October when all their season premieres begin.

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