Monday, September 11, 2017

Ken Ham - Please Jump off that Non-Floating "Boat" of Yours

If you've never heard of Ken Ham, then you should consider yourself very fortunate. He happens to be the creator and purveyor of Answers in Genesis as well as The Creation Museum (term used loosely) and the Ark Encounter. Today, Ken Ham shot his bigoted, narrow-minded mouth about the LGBT+ community and about gay marriage.

Long story short, Ken Ham is a fundamentalist Christian from Australia who now lives in Kentucky and has decided to preach his extreme dedication to a literal interpretation of Genesis, especially the idea that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that humans lived in peace with dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man. Oh, also, that Noah's Ark actually existed and could fit a variety of "kinds" of animals, including adolescent dinosaurs on it. So, basically an intellectual powerhouse.

He's also extremely homophobic as well as against women's bodily autonomy and rights because, again, he can't get past the first 11 chapters of Genesis for how he should live his life. Today, he posted this excited bit of advice:

Basically, he's trying to make the saying/expression "Gay Mar-riage" a thing, since, you know, somehow LGBT+ marriages ruin the integrity of marriage as an institution as if LGBT+ people were going to force the straights to get gay married right this minute. Please. I shouldn't really care. Much like Kirk Cameron obliquely referencing that hurricanes come from sin (read: abortion and gay stuff), this is the tweet of someone desperate for attention. Considering none of Ham's tweets today came close to reaching even 100 retweets, most people have learned to ignore him. Hell, considering the way the Ark Encounter has failed to bring business to the surrounding community in Kentucky, a lot of people have learned to ignore Ham and AIG both.

That said, I find Ham ridiculous, offensive, and downright pathetic. I think that about every week, Paulogia does a great job of dismantling Ham's arguments and that Steve Shives has done a great five things about him. You can also watch King Crocoduck take the tar out of Ham's answers at the first Ham/Nye debate three years ago.

But, you know, some days I'm tired and cranky and I get exhausted from defending my personhood. My campus right now is a shit show because of some anti-LGBT+ speaker who's scheduled to come and I don't want to hear about how I'm ruining marriage. You know what ruins marriage? Women like Kim Davis who can get married four times. How about Britney Spears, who cany have a 22 hours marriage? Or maybe Kim Kardashain with a 72 day marriage for the money and tie-in endorsements of a E! broadcast wedding? How about the fact that in the Bible, if a man dies then his wife should marry his brother? What about all the instances of polygamous marriages in the old and new testament? Or, here's a great one, how about the fact the Bible was used by some for centuries to villify interracial marriage and let us not forget the Loving Verdict is only fifty years old?

So, yes, Mr. Ham, spare me.

Also, stop trying to "take back" the rainbow. From a post-modernist perspective, one can't help or control the meaning read into symbols once they're placed out in the world. Yes, originally, the rainbow was a symbol of the covenant between God and man that there would never be another flood (not that there ever was a first one). Now, over the last forty years in this country, it symbolizes the LGBT+ community ever since Mr. Baker designed it.

Deal with it.

And accept that you have one fabulous boat!

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  1. Let's call it Rel-I-gion from now on.

    As rel-I-gious people seem to live alone on this planet...


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