Monday, September 18, 2017

Symphony of Fate Review

I read the novella Symphony of Fate, and I enjoyed it. Below, I dish more on the scorching read by author Julie Morgan.

This is basically a supernatural Romeo and Juliet (Juliet and Juliet?) story. Cora, the succubus, has spent several decades locked into her lot in life, working as a slave under the sometimes cruel tutelage of her master Leo. By day, she runs a strip club in New Orleans, where she can feed on the patrons. By night, she takes the souls that Leo commands she lures over to the evil side, based on a list and a cosmic balance sheet that's basically above her pay grade. However, Cora's bright spot is her improbable friend, Jael, a Seraph or guardian angel. This is actually the third novella in the collection so the succubus and angel have already become friends, but there's an undeniable attraction building between them. When Cora is task with taking Jael's soul and corrupting her for Leo's purposes, the careful friendship and detente the friends have worked out begins to crumble.

There's so much to like about this. It has an edge to it that reminds me a lot of the TV show Lost Girl. The voice is told in alternating first person between Cora and Jael, which is a risk, but I feel we get into both character's heads and both have heartbreaking truths behind their transformations into demon and angel, both have gone through so much already as they've been thrust into the supernatural world. Additionally, I appreciate that both characters are unflinchingly bisexual. I love wlw fic in all its forms, but it's nice to see a bisexual character (obviously Cora is free wielding with her marks) as well as a woman discovering her bisexuality (Jael was married to a man in her human life before). Fourth, the sex. It takes a while to get there because Morgan focuses on the plot and the obstacles standing in our lovers' way. However, when we get there, the romance is explosive. Finally, the tension of how two beings who are so opposite can be together and get a happy ending is taughtly constructed. I won't spoil it, but it definitely took a path I was quite expecting and I can't wait to see future installments from Ms. Morgan.

Two thumbs way up ;)

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