Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On Pen Names

I am extremely exhausted. It has been a long three weeks. I have a trip for Canada I'm trying to get planned while trying to move at the same time due to terrible living arrangements that have become untenable. In the middle of all of this, I'm trying to find hospitals willing to be research sites for my thesis and having no luck at all. I spent three weeks trying to help with the #getloud and #cockygate movements, and I find it hard to stay away from boosting the signal sometimes. I also refuse to never go back on my own author marketing and Twitter page again because I feel like someone's upset with me or seems to be whispering about me behind my back.

That sucks.

I am not a catfish or a nefarious person. I do have a different legal identity than my pen name. There are three reasons for that and I feel these reasons matter. First, I am a queer author who is not out completely to my family. Eventually, I'd like to move to the southwest to live with my girlfriend and co-writer, Midnight Voss. However, I don't want to be outed as a writer of queer fiction and as a bisexual woman because there are no laws in that area to protect against housing or employment discrimination for LGBT people. I've already seen how just harassment can force people out of work for being gay. Moreover, I'm out to most of my family but not my grandmother or oldest relatives, and it's just easier to have a pen name.

Second, I am in academia. My conference in Canada coming up is related to my work in the field of psychology. There is a huge stigma against romance writing as an industry among academics. Eloisa James even talks about it at length in the Love Between the Covers documentary. I do not want to have potential employment in academia hampered because I write romance and urban fantasy/genre fiction.

Third, I have and do struggle with bipolar disorder. That's something I never disclose to anyone except medical providers under my legal name. As an author and a member of a stigmatized minority, I personally feel an obligation to help offer sensitivity reader services to avoid putting more poor portrayals of things like bipolar disorder and suicide (13 Reasons Why anyone?) into the world. Outing me under my legal name then also leaves me open to the stigma, persecution, and job finding problems that come from being publicly bipolar.

Finally, I do have a book for those so anxious about it. I was part of the Sirens and Scales boxset in January and it did make the USA Today bestsellers list. I didn't want to say that out loud under troll harassment because of the fact there are 24 writers in that set who are not me or Midnight, and they do not deserve to be harassed or tortured by trolls and scammer spammers, which I feared would happen. It's not some state secret. It's literally the fourth thing that comes up when you google "Ivy Quinn Author" and the first thing that's linked to me in Goodreads.

I don't feel I should be harassed as I'm catfishing no one. I have a pen name. Many authors I know do. I haven't pulled a Santino Hassell and asked for sexual secrets, personal details, or money. In fact, I literally have 40 dollars to my name. I did offer someone some legal help when I thought they were scared under a pen name Twitter DM because I have a friend who is an attorney. I didn't think that an overture of genuine desire to help would be taken so badly and decried as "catfishing".

To be honest, the indie community in some spots has been so nasty to me over the last month that I am seriously reconsidering writing at all or if I just want to be on Wattpad for originals and doing like Lucifer and Legends of Tomorrow fanfiction on AO3. I came on mostly today to help promote a friend's writing, who is a very dedicated and legit indie who has been in publishing since 2011.

I just am very tired of the sniping.

So, yes, that's who I am and who I am under my pen name --- a broke,  emotionally exhausted bisexual woman with a loving partner and no money to her name and a lot of student debt who tried to help and make #getloud happen but may not bother again next time because it's too much drama, trouble, and pain. And one who is being outed under her legal name in whispers between people on Twitter despite begging for respect over her queer identity.

May you all have good luck with your affairs. I'm glad I'm out of the country for two weeks.

Thank you.

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New Resolutions

Wow, got sick, got behind on blogging and school, and then let the blog be a bit too quiet over here. Anyway, I'm trying to post once a week on Fridays so from now on, check for check ins from me once a week :P Now, a look at my resolutions

Monday, October 23, 2017

1922 (2017): A Horror Movie that Drags Down Your Very Soul

After my car accident and recovery, I still want to finish horror movies on netflix reviews. This weekend, I watched the other Netflix adaptation of a Stephen King work, 1922. My thoughts are below.

Updates from Sapphic Alliance Fiction and Personal Updates


Well October did not pan out as I had hoped. I had a car accident, which was a big set back both for my ability to type for about ten days and also my timing for blogs and for writing. I'm feeling better this week, and I am going to finish up for the next eight days with the last of the 31 Days of October. I'll have a review of 1922 up later today.

Starting this week, I'll also be reviewing Legends of Tomorrow and Shannara on Thursdays (I'll start with current eps from this week on). I did watch Riverdale so far but there wasn't enough of the new character to make recapping worth my time yet. Additionally, I'm trying my best to get back on track for Vegas Shifters #1: A Life Unchosen out by early November, and I apologize for the car accident delaying things.

However, to tide you over, I do have a few things from over at Sapphic Alliance Fiction. My girlfriend, Midnight Voss, has a book review and a listicle and my co-writer, Cassie Nova, also has a listicle. The movies in both lists have happy endings, fyi, and no one dies at the end.

3 Movies with Musical Gayness to Watch with Your Girlfriend by Midnight Voss

Juliet Takes a Breath by Midnight Voss

Spoiler Alert: She Doesn't Die by Cassie Nova

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Clown (2014): A Monster Movie with a Sophie's Choice Scenario

Our 31 Days of October and the subsequent 31 days of horror films continue with Clown by Jon Watts and starring Andy Powers as a man turning into a clown-like demon and with Laura Allens as his wife trying to save him.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

On Pen Names

I am extremely exhausted. It has been a long three weeks. I have a trip for Canada I'm trying to get planned while trying to move at the...